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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching:

A Model for Culture/Climate Change in Companies and Other Organizations



Dr. Sharon Rose Powell, Senior Psychologist at Princeton Psychological Partners, LLC, has extensive experience providing executive coaching and leadership development services to large corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Most of us go through our lives using no more than a fraction of the potential within us (Gardner, 1990). The way a company conducts its business and treats its employees can either reinforce this lost potential or nurture the untapped capabilities that every person possesses. It is a well-known fact within American corporations that employees are more likely to perform effectively when they experience mutual trust and loyalty from their colleagues, are involved in decisions about their work, and believe the company cares about their development as individuals. It is easier to acknowledge this fact, however, than it is to create and maintain a corporate culture that embodies the principles of trust and shared decision-making.

For more information, visit the website, Contact Dr. Powell directly by email at or call her at 609-731-1793.

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